Dialogue Videos

FYI: Those of you interested in our book, or interested in trans-partisan dialogue more generally, might enjoy a very short video Phil came across at http://www.networkforpeace.com.  The video might be a little cheesy but it does a good job of defining dialogue, as opposed to debate.

And if you’re interested in something more extensive, Public Conversations Project has an extensive online workshop detailing the dialogue process.  It’s probably the best online resource available right now:  http://www.publicconversations.org/video-series/virtualworkshop/sec1

Be aware the video that shows up beneath this post is NOT the ones we’re referring to…you have to click on the link above.  — Phil & Jacob

2 Responses to “Dialogue Videos”
  1. Greetings Phil – Great to learn about this book and project. Do you and Jacob make joint speaking engagements at conferences? If so, I would very much like to follow up with you about an event this fall. David Landers, Philanthropy Northwest

    • Phil Neisser says:

      Hi David

      Thanks for being supportive of our project, and yes, Jacob and I do make joint speaking engagements and would like to do more. We will be in the northwest October 12-14, in order to co-present a session at the NCDD conference in Seattle, and in general for me October is rather booked. But I am mostly wide open in November and December, and those months work well because they come before the snow flies (if any snow flies this year, and I hope some does). So let us know what you’re interested in. My email address is neissept@potsdam.edu in case you want to communicate in that way.

      — Yours, Phil

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