October 13, 2012: National Coalition of Dialogue & Deliberation Presentation, Seattle, WA

This weekend, we returned to the conference where we met four years ago, for a joint presentation on how to expand liberal conservative dialogue in our country (see http://ncdd.org/events/ncdd2012/workshops).  Joan Blades & Amanda Roman, another left/right friendship pair–co-presented with us.  Here’s the presentation abstract: 

Expanding Liberal-Conservative Dialogue in America: A Strategizing Session

In this interactive session participants will explore ways to promote a culture of transpartisan political conversation that features civility and listening. The focus will be on exploring major obstacles to such conversation and considering strategies to surmount those obstacles. In particular, we’ll discuss ways practitioners and activists could combine energies to raise the public profile of transpartisan dialogue. Two avenues we will highlight are (a) making more use of “smart” technologies (e.g., the creation of a red-blue dialogue App) and (b) finding new ways to bring the Living Room Conversation approach to the general public.

Joan Blades and Amanda Kathryn Roman
Co-Creators, Living Room Conversations

Jacob Hess
Research Director, All of Life

Phil Neisser
Professor, Political Theory, State University of New York, Potsdam

We were heartened at the large turnout of close to 50 people and blown away at the power and energy felt in the gathering.  We came away learning a lot and taking home some ideas of how to expand this work. 

We are so proud to be a part of NCDD and can’t wait to see the day when our parent organization is 100 times bigger than it is now! 

Jacob & Phil


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