You’re Not as Crazy as I Thought (But Your Still Wrong)

You’re not as Crazy as I Thought is a thoughtful and entertaining conversation between two researchers from opposing ends of the American political spectrum. They argue, listen, and learn. They discover common ground. Yet they resolutely disagree about most of the core issues. And by doing all of that at the same time they suggest that normal citizens can – dialogue by dialogue – build a nation of strong communities, reasoned discourse, mutual understanding, and improved public policy.

7 Responses to “You’re Not as Crazy as I Thought (But Your Still Wrong)”
  1. Social Determinants of Health Theory… health care requires government investment in community development and social capital investment (and/or business needs a commitment to sustainable equity and opportunity, not just profit) to create helath…to create the potential for health there must be basic optimal conditions prior to birth and through infancy and childhood and life, this is not the norm or possible in such a competitive system as now manifests as the investment based capitalist global market place
    my 2cents

  2. Dan Caldwell says:

    Just pre-ordered the book! Can’t wait!

  3. mark d waterhouse II says:

    phil, thank you so much for my copy. i cant wait to read it. gonna start tonight.

  4. rob says:

    Congrats on the book, Phil! Looking forward to reading it.

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