“You’re Not as Crazy” on “This American Life”

FYI: You’re Not as Crazy as I Thought will be included in this weekend’s edition of This American Life on National Public Radio. In my locale of North Country New York the show will air on North Country Public Radio on Sunday at 11:00am.  As for exactly how much attention the book will get in the story, it could be a little or it could be more.  But no matter what the story itself promises to be a good one, as it concerns the red-blue political divide, and specifically how it’s affecting families and friendships. So… listen live to the story if you want and are able, or if you like download it later from the TAL web site.


2 Responses to ““You’re Not as Crazy” on “This American Life””
  1. Susan Weinstein says:

    Great to read a dialogue about mandating health insurance that’s not all about the money!
    Keep it up at http://www.political-dialogue.com showing a religious conservative and liberal atheist can constructively disagree!

  2. neissept says:

    Hi All. The latest news is that the twice postponed Paul the Book Guy interview is now slated for this Sunday at 8:00 Eastern Time. I believe we (Jacob Hess and myself) will be on the same show as Brian Brushwood, described as a “crazy magician.” The show is streamable and then available as a podcast. It should be interesting. Also the nest day we will be interviewed on Berkeley Public Radio (KPFA) at 6:00pm Eastern. Wish us luck. — Phil

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